Become a CELLXPIN Partner CELLXPIN is the BEST VoIP Provider for  SMALL and MEDIUM Cellxp.in has huge VoIP market over the world, tie-up with several companies with satisfactory voice quality and payment option. We are only doing online VoIP marketing for several brand for any VoIP Service which quality and payment options are neat and clean. Just Cellxp.in add additional payment option for that brand which customers like prefer than others. If our clients purchase Services form us then we will take 100% Risk against fraud or damage service. At that time Cellxp.in will replace that brand with any others brand which we have and choice by client. With the help of several VoIP providers we are doing his marketing according to his terms and conditions. If Our Providers will notice me sale prohibited country or location then Cellxp.in will follow. If any our client will take services form us with wrong address or location then we will take action according to Administrator. Cellxp.in has been doing marketing business since 2004 and have more than 1000 active clients. Our clients can purchase from us IP2IP rout with cheap rate, Cellvoice, Cellxp, Reliancevoiz, Dreamvoiz, Diamondvoiz, Iwcall-Megadialer, Worlddialer, Netpal, Iptel India, Kirti, 1legcall, Zonofone and Delmont-Betamax services  


WWW.CELLXP.IN -----Provides all kinds of VoIP solution. We are providng AtoZ CLI Route, Server, Switch, SIP Settings,  as Rental or Purchasing base. According Server capicity and C.C capicty monthly charge we fixed with low price. With us our customer can easly make his own brand VoIP company with cheap rate.For details CLICK.
CELLXP.IN  have parternship with several VoIP Companies in the world. Mentioned brand in www.cellxp.in we provides reseller account same as company rate chart. Branded Internet Calling Cards at different rates and minutes to meet different level of customer requirements.
Mentioned all brands in www.cellxp.in  credit will be Exchangable with our any partener brand.


WWW.CELLXP.IN provides Self web designing reseller and customer panel with cheap rate and easy way to display your self or your business to the world. Our panel will give you to register any Domain name according to your desire. No need any HTML or WEB Desiging knowledge to create website. Our panel gives 171 web designing page. As your choice select page in write about you or your business. Withing few minute your business will be display.
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